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Production Equipment

Pelleting Equipment

For poultry production to be environmentally sound and save resources, manure must be treated in a manner that makes economic and ecological sense. Manure from poultry farms is a valuable organic fertiliser, and as such, poultry farmers can sell it at high prices if they offer their product in the correct form. Effective residue treatment using pelletising systems therefore leads to more profitable and environmentally-friendly farms.


Hoppers in various sizes are available for storage of small amounts of premixes and other additives. For slow-moving premixes, there is the option of an additional agitator.

Hammer Mills

Hammer mills are able to grind feed at a fast pace, ensuring high performance and an even feed structure.

Dry Mixers

Big Dutchman’s vertical and horizontal mixers can be used to mix different dry ingredients to produce high-quality feed.

Drum Cleaners

For effective cleaning of crops, Big Dutchman offers a range of drum cleaners to meet your specific requirements.

Production Equipment

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