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About Newquip

Newquip Ltd is a family-run business, established in January 2000. We are the sole UK distributor of the world’s leading supplier of pig and poultry equipment, Big Dutchman. We offer practical, environmentally-friendly solutions geared to your future needs, having successfully completed over 5,000 installations since our inception, from simple installations to high-tech computer-controlled systems.

Based in North Yorkshire close to the A1 motorway, we are well-placed to supply our customers from the North of Scotland to the far South of England, with area sales managers covering each region providing a local point of contact. Our experienced sales team offers support before and after the planning stages, as well as during the project implementation, ensuring the requirements of the customer are met at every stage.

In addition, our head office is available to support our customers, from co-ordinating installation orders and arranging deliveries, to planning the installation teams and offering aftersales support.

Continued support is essential for the longevity of any system. Newquip aims to assist our customers on a continued basis, whether supplying spare parts, providing maintenance advice, servicing equipment, or offering technical support quickly and efficiently.

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