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The Best Nest for Broiler Breeders

The Best Nest for Broiler Breeders

As we know, egg quality impacts hatching quality, which stresses the importance of creating an environment that prioritises the quality of the eggs. Big Dutchman has therefore developed an innovative nest that has been tried and tested worldwide to guarantee unrivalled levels of performance.

The popular Relax Nest offers a simple, almost screwless, plug-in design that allows quick and easy assembly. The plastic structure is resistant to corrosion, very durable, as well as being easy to install and clean.

Hygiene is a key factor in providing superior egg quality. The nest mat of the Relax Nest is perforated to enable dirt to drop down through the holes, thus reducing soiling of the eggs. This mat protrudes under the back wall of the nest to create a larger distance between the egg belt and the fringe rail in a bid to prevent losses. A triangular shape of the hole in the egg belt is an option to reduce the area for the manure, dust or feathers to stick. Triangular holes also mean the eggs are more stable whilst on the belt and only touch it in three places, helping to keep breakages to a minimum.

Choosing equipment that makes light work of daily tasks is essential in delivering an efficient housing unit, as well as improving animal management. The divided nest roof provides independent nest and egg belt monitoring, whilst daily tasks in the house are made easier with indicator flags for the ejection system. The farmer can see from the outside whether the nest is open or closed, and an optional rope suspension at the nest roof makes regular monitoring even simpler.

Manual weighings at regular intervals are necessary to ensure optimum welfare of the birds.  An automatic nest scale means farmers can determine when to weigh the birds, with measurements for average weight, uniformity and the current bird weight provided very reliably. This data can then be used to draw conclusions regarding flock health.

Furthermore, the birds are more inclined to accept the Relax Nest due to its favourable entrance height. They are able to enter and leave with minimal effort, whilst the nest curtain strips can vary in location thanks to individual and flexible suspension points.

Uniting innovative design and a goal to put the needs of the birds first, Big Dutchman has cleverly developed a robust and effective system for every successful broiler breeder.

For further information on Big Dutchman's Relax Nest, please call our head office on 01677 428600.

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