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Big Dutchman's Latest Innovations

Big Dutchman's Latest Innovations

We are excited to be celebrating Newquip’s 25th anniversary in January next year. Over the last 25 years, Newquip has earned a reputation for supplying customers with pig and poultry equipment that’s built to last whilst continually developing modern farming innovations.

As the sole mainland UK supplier of Big Dutchman pig and poultry equipment, we are proud to supply and install our German partner’s latest innovations to the UK market. One of the company’s most popular products is the Big Dutchman Natura, a welfare-friendly aviary system for organic, free range and barn egg production. Designed with a focus on bird welfare without compromising on functionality and efficiency, the aim is to replicate the birds’ natural environment, so they are free to exhibit their natural behaviour and lay their eggs in optimally designed nests. Natura by name, natura by nature, this aviary system was the first of its kind when it was launched 35 years ago, revolutionising free range egg production worldwide.

Offering versatility as well as high levels of productivity, customers have the choice of a range of Natura systems to suit their individual requirements, as well as the size of their house. We have a wealth of experience in building modern multi-tier systems that make the most of the available space, with designated areas for the birds to perch, feed and forage. Many farmers are choosing to move from flat-deck to multi-tier Natura systems to increase production and ensure the long-term profitability of their business.

Today’s farmers must also keep an eye on their carbon footprint, as we work towards 2050 net-zero targets, set by the government. The upshot is that whilst environmentally friendly options are good for the environment, they can also bring multiple benefits to the farmer’s bottom line.

Residue treatment solutions allow producers the opportunity to achieve a practical balance between producing sufficient levels of healthy food and the need for environmental protection. Big Dutchman has developed several innovative composting systems for egg farms including the CompoLiner. Composting poultry excrement automatically, it works via microorganisms degrading the organic material, which then creates a compost that can be used as a valuable organic fertiliser.

To find out more about Big Dutchman’s latest products, please call the Newquip team on 01677 428600.

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